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All of the RIB Unlimited RIB models are designed with low weight and center of gravity to give the most economical speed and power. In this way, our customers can protect the environment by conserving petrol and reducing their Greenhouse gas emissions, all the while enjoying uncompromised speed and performance.

Designed for Economical Speed

Currently, we have 4 models in the RIB UNLIMITED series, in production: The RIB 700, the RIB 600, the RIB 32 and the RIB 36.

About RIB Unlimited Series

The low weight, combined with the hull's double ventilated steps creates a low leveling threshold that increases acceleration and response. The ventilated steps also give our RIB model's a grip on the water when turning, for increased maneuverability.

Designed to be Responsive and Maneuverable

Every RIB has a center of gravity much lower than conventional HUD boats, for increased stability in rough conditions. The inflated tubes also increase stability while entering and exiting the vessel.

Designed to be Stable and Safe

We believe in building our boats with the most durable materials available in the boat manufacturing industry. Because of this, our boats can be used in some of the world's harshest marine environments, from the freezing North Sea off the Norwegian coast, to the searing heat of Australian summer.

Designed to Last in the Harshest of Environments